The Graduate recruitment and observation is one the essential parts of the Alumni departments alumni of AMA International University Bahrain . It emphasizes on communicating, training and helping alumni after the graduation for the market needs.

Our Goals

  • To update the Alumni Committee's organization chart to show the flow of communication and information
  • To maintain communication and information dissemination with the alumni coordinators
  • To maintain currency of alumni database by adding into it the records of new graduates.
  • To conduct researches and surveys on status of previous year's graduates.
  • To encourage alumni participation in AMAIUB activities.
  • To organize an alumni homecoming once a year.
  • To organize and strengthen the AMAIUB Alumni Club.
  • To make use of social media channels

Our Services

We are delighted to offer any useful and valuable service to make AMA International University Bahrain students and alumni the preferred choice for employers in both the public and private sectors. Our services include:

  • Intern Ship with affiliation partners
  • Helping recruit and train graduates in the public and private sectors
  • Inviting our graduates to share all the university different activities