Bachelor of Science in International Business


The Bachelor of Science in International Business (BSIB) programme provides knowledge and skills required to manage international and global business affairs. The programme intends to develop students with skills and competencies necessary to understand the dynamics of international dimension of economics, banking and finance, and marketing. The programme also endeavors to prepare the students to obtain potentials leading to management positions and employability in general.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Practice successfully international related business activities in local, regional and global markets; and
  2. Promote professionalism and high ethical standards in international business discipline that recognizes the diversity of culture in international business norms.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  • Understand basic business concepts and areas.
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge of international dimensions in functional areas of business.
  • Identify the international business best practices in a dynamic external environment which includes ethical, legal, political, economic and technological factors.
  • Apply best practices and use appropriate tools in international business management.
  • Develop negotiation skills and capabilities in international business relations.
  • Formulate, implement and evaluate business strategies in global setting.
  • Evaluate and apply appropriate approaches in dealing with international business affairs.
  • Apply critical thinking in managing business activities in diverse environment.
  • Combine various policies and standards in a dynamic international context.
  • Communicate and interact effectively in a multi-cultural team.
  • Recognize the need for, and engagement in life-long learning in dynamic situations.
  • Promote ethical and professional behavior.

Degree Facts:

  1. Students will gain a wide range of transferrable skills relevant to employability and personal development.
  2.  The duration of the programme is three (3) years and 1 trimester.
  3.  The medium of instruction in all courses is English.
  4.  The number of credits require to graduate is 180 units.


The programme aims to produce professionals equipped with a sound appreciation of international business in a social, political and environmental business context. Therefore, on completion of the Bachelor of Science in International Business programme, students are expected to be attractive to employers in both the public and private sectors where business administration skills in an international context are required.

Programme Specification: