About the College

The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences offers two undergraduate degree programmes, namely: Bachelor of Science in International Business (BSIB), Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics (BSBI). The College also offers the Master of Business Administration (MBA) post-graduate programme.

The BSIB is a multi-disciplinary programme that develops professionals and leaders for sensitive positions in local and international governance relative to peace, security building, and diplomacy. It provides global intelligence through exposure and appreciation of various socio-economic and political contexts, allowing the students to be sensitive and responsive to both local and international developments.

The BSBI programme generally provides active learning and business acumen through quality instruction, research, and extension to students. It is a hybrid of the traditional business programmes and information technology. It develops professionals equipped with quality and globally recognized IT-based business education essential for sound administrative and business decisions in local and global corporate environments.

The MBA programme is an advanced business education which provides learning experience that incorporates functional areas in business divided in various specializations such as human resource management, entrepreneurship, Islamic finance, and project management to become effective managers and leaders of business organizations in a globally competitive and complex business environment.