Welcome to AMAIUB! As a student here, you will have many opportunities to interact with and utilize the technology resources on campus (or virtually).

Information Technology Services (IT Services) provides central technology services to the AMAIUB, supporting students in learning and collaboration.


Universal Student Number (USN) which allows students to access services such as Moodle and E-Library. USN are issued to all admitted students.

Click here to request for USN account.

A course management system for creating, managing, accessing, and participating in online learning materials and activities.

Students may use Moodle to access and interact online with online learning materials, with classmates or instructors. Student can access Moodle via


  • Information Sharing
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Assessment

Resources for Students

Student gateway to online registation, viewing of grades, schedules, and curriculum plan.

Student can access MyAMA Portal via

First time to use this service? Click here for instructions.

Internet Service
AMAIUB provides internet access for all students and AMAIUB-Students is the preferred WI-FI SSID for all AMAIUB students. It provides a secure connection (Wireless clients will be unable to communicate with each other or access any of the restricted subnets)
Computer Laboratories

AMAIUB provides a campus computer lab that is available to the entire university. This lab is open to all AMAIUB students, faculty and staff.

Click here for Lab Schedule.

List of Software Installed per Lab.

Computer Lab Guidelines and Policies.

ID Card

To provide Student access inside university premises and use its facilities. Student ID Card are issued to all enrolled students. Student ID card is non-transferable under any conditions.

For New Student. Click here to request for your ID card.

Replace a Lost ID Card

Below is the procedure to be followed:

  • Submit letter of request for replacement to OSA
    Head. OSA approves request after confirming identity of student by checking CPR of student.
  • Head OSA approves the request.
  • Approved request will be presented  to Accounting where payment is done.
  • Approved request and OR will be presented to IT where the ID will be replaced.
  • Letter of request will be collected by IT. OR should be marked , ID issued together with date and signed by the IT staff who issued the ID replacement.

Student of BSCS can download free software from microsoft for their projects/thesis use.

Click here for the HOW-TO instruction.

Click here to request Microsoft Imagine X account

Tools that AMAIUB student can use which will helps them scan any type of documents for plagiarism. With this tools students learn the importance of original writing and attribution, and foster critical thinking skills that are important to student success.

Student may only login and submit documents and their teacher will download the report.

Click here for instruction on how to upload documents for checking.

Get Help

Information Technology Office provides technical support and assistance

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