Research is one of the core functions of AMAIUB. This function can be traced as an important thread throughout the University's strategic framework and would serve as backbone of pedagogical practices and student learning. The Research Center supports and encourages scholarly activities of all types and in all aspects of research undertakings.

To strengthen further the research mandate of the institution, the University's five-year strategic plan includes a high level Strategic Goal, "Foster a research culture in the university delivering a consistent stream of applied research". The Research Center includes views regarding the quality and quantity of the research. It focuses on conducting applied researches, developing new ideas and seeking innovations in the research outcomes responsive to socio-economic requirements of Bahrain and the region.

Research Goal and Objectives

Research Goal

Foster a research culture in the university delivering a consistent stream of applied research.

Research Objectives

  1. Develop and execute the university research agenda in line with HEC research agenda and other requirements.
  2. Develop students and faculty as researchers
  3. Conduct and commercialize high quality research
  4. Strengthen AMAIUB research resources and funding opportunities

Research Thrusts

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences (CAFS)

  • Business Development
    1. Resource Management
    2. Business environment study
    3. Community Resource Analysis
    4. Entrepreneurship
  • International Relations and Cultural Diversity
    1. International relations
    2. Cculture and economic development
College of Computer Studies (CCS)
  • Net-centric Computing
    1. Network Communication
    2. Multi-media Technologies
    3. Mobile Computing
    4. Network Security
    5. Web Organization
  • Human-computer interaction
    1. Network Communication
    2. Building GUI Interfaces
    3. Multi-media & Multi-modal Systems
    4. Interaction Design for New Environments
    5. Human Factors and Security
  • System Development
    1. Software Design
    2. Formal Methods
    3. Risk Assessment
    4. Web Organization
    5. Robust and Security-Enhanced Programming
College of Engineering (COE)
  • Engineering Researches
    1. Robotics Technology and Control Systems
    2. Automation, PLCs, Instrumentation
    3. Networking and Distributed System
    4. Expert systems, distributed and mobile computing, network resource management
  • Natural Sciences and Math researches
    1. Environmental Pollution and Global Warming
    2. Industrial Researches (Aluminum, Desalination and Petroleum)
    3. Renewable Energy and Applications
    4. Computational Science and Numerical Analysis
    5. Analysis and Its Applications (Applied Math.)
    6. Mathematics Education
    7. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
    8. Mathematical Modeling

Research Framework