Once students have been successfully equipped with both academic and practical knowledge through the Career Awareness and Career Practice programs, respectively, students will be provided with the best and most up-to-date job vacancies through Career Opportunities – the third component of the Placement and Linkages cycle.

The PLO adheres to the university’s quality policy by providing students with the best options for them to start and develop careers, achieve goals, and showcase the university’s competencies by striving for excellence in whatever endeavor they choose from.

Strict implementation and constant relevant revisions of the guidelines mentioned below are to be observed.


These policy and procedures outline the processes employed to provide students with career opportunities and corporate information of industry partners/employers through the Career fair, job referrals and PLO website link.


Various training/job opportunities are made available to AMAIUB students and graduates through various activities conducted by the PLO.


Head of the Placement and Linkages Office (PLO)

  • updates the list of corporate profiles and job/training vacancies by building linkages with new private and government institutions;
  • strengthens partnerships with employers
  • connects with industry partners to solicit corporate profiles and job/training vacancies
  • posts on jobs board showing the list of corporate profiles, contact persons and numbers, and job vacancies update on a quarterly basis;

Practicum Advisers/ Mentors

  • coordinates with the PLO heads regarding activities pertinent to Career Opportunities

Company/ Institution/Organization

  • informs the PLO on the available job/training opportunities for students and graduates;
  • enables the students/graduates to gain fair, safe, decent, and conducive training opportunities;
  • works with the University in the maintenance and the enhancement of career-related activities.


  • keeps himself/herself with the various training/job opportunities offered by the industry partners through the activities conducted by the PLO


Career Opportunity

Adviser/Mentor is a senior or more
experienced individual who is assigned to act as an advisor, counselor, evaluator, or a guide to the practicum trainee. He or she is responsible for providing support to and feedback on the trainee in his or her charge. The WBL advisor/ mentor is the assigned teacher handling the Practicum course and the Head/ Supervisor representative of the partner company/industry where the student is having his/her WBL immersion.

Employer/Company/Organization is any business, medical, engineering, or computing private or public institution which provides practicum/training opportunities to students.



The Head of Placement and Linkages Office (PLO) is tasked to forge partnerships/linkages with various local and international industry partners as WBL potential venues for the students.

  • The PLO organizes Practicum Orientation Seminar to provide significant information regarding the training activities.
  • The PLO maintains a database of potential employers and posts these in conspicuous areas in the campus.
  • Any student requiring assistance may file his/her request to the PLO and submit the following documents:
    • Student’s certificate of registration (COR)
    • Curriculum Vitae
  • The PLO prepares a letter of endorsement to the prospective WBL employer submits this together with the students’ credentials/documents.
  • The PLO follows-up with the company and advises students on the status of their applications. If accepted, the students are deployed to the training institution; otherwise, they will be referred to other companies.


Practicum activities should be subject to effective assessment and evaluation procedures. These should include as a minimum:

  • Evaluation of Competencies signed by the Employer/Training Institution representative;
  • Performance Evaluation signed by the Employer/Training Institution representative;
  • PAR Evaluation Form;
  • Employer Survey Form;
  • Numerical Assessment of the Adviser/Mentor; and

Ensuring feedback from company/institution/organization through the focused employers’ group.


  • Operations Manual
  • Procedures Manual
  • Quality Manual
  • Student Handbook


  • PLO WBL Forms
  • List /Database of Employers/Training Institutions
  • Endorsement Letters to Companies
  • Training Opportunities File Record


  • Head, Academic Affairs
  • Head, Administration
  • College Deans
  • Head, OSA
  • Head, Government and External Affairs
  • Head, Registration
  • Head, Quality Assurance and Accreditation